Perfect Fit Band C Eclipse, Louvolite, Arena & Decora

Product Code: White / Anthracite / Brown / Silver / Black Frames
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Award winning Perfect Fit blinds in the following Eclipse, Louvolite & Arena fabrics:-


Argan asc eco




Cactus asc eco



Charlotte asc

Chenille asc



Halo Blackout (Eclipse)

Halo Cellular (Louvolite)

Harlow asc

Hemp asc eco

Infusion asc FR

Jasmine asc

Linara SPC Low E

Luxe asc

Meadow (Louvolite)

Mineral asc

Nordic asc

Parchment SPC Low E

Regency SPC

Ribbons asc


Strata SPC

Festival ESP

Topaz ESP BO

Sicily asc

Festival ESP BO

Silkette asc

Woodbark asc

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